Anthony Ebert

Dr Anthony Ebert




Postdoctoral researcher; Università della Svizzera italiana, Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology, and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Statistical Inference on Large-Scale Mechanistic Network Models


Teaching assistant; Università della Svizzera italiana


Casual lecturer, Mathematics and Statistics for Medical Science; Queensland University of Technology
Sessional academic tutor, Quantitative Methods in Science; Queensland University of Technology
Mentor, Predictive Analytics: Gaining Insights from Big Data (Online course); Queensland University of Technology
Teaching assistant, Big Data: Statistical Inference and Machine Learning (Online course); Queensland University of Technology
Engineer; Atom Consulting
Course tutor, Products and Value Chains; University of Sydney
Year in Industry Internship Holder; ANSTO Minerals



PhD, Statistics Queensland University of Technology

​Dynamic Queueing Networks: Simulation, Estimation and Prediction​


Honours, Statistics; University of Western Australia

Predicting Bearing Failure using Joint Models with Longitudinal and Time-to-event Data

Bachelor of Science, Statistics; Australian National University

MPhil, Chemical Engineering; University of Sydney

Synthesis, Preparation and Assembly of Carbon Nanotube-Based Electrode Materials

Bachelor of Engineering, Chemical Engineering: University of Sydney

Pre-prints and publications

Ebert, A.​, Wu, P., Mengersen, K., & Ruggeri, F. (2017). Computationally Efficient Simulation of Queues: The R Package queuecomputer. ​arXiv:1703.02151. (Accepted to the Journal of Statistical Software)

Ebert, A., Dutta, R., Mengersen, K., Mira, A., Ruggeri, F., & Wu, P. (2019). Likelihood-free parameter estimation for dynamic queueing networks: case study of passenger flow in an international airport terminal. arXiv:1804.02526 (To revise and resubmit to the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series C)

Liu, J., ​Ebert, A.​, Variava, M. F., Dehghani, F., & Harris, A. T. (2010). Surface modification and Pt functionalisation of multi-walled carbon nanotubes in methanol expanded with supercritical CO​2​. Chemical Engineering Journal​, 165(3), 974-979.

Statistical skills

approximate Bayesian computation, statistical network models, Bayesian hierarchical modelling, statistical distance, kernel methods, functional data analysis, curve registration, agent-based models, discrete event simulation, longitudinal data, mixed effects models, spline methods

Technical skills

Programming: ​R (5 years exp), Python, C++, Matlab, SQLite + Relational algebra (Stanford Online)

Operating Systems:​ Linux, OSX, Windows, High performance computing (PBS Pro)

Document preparation:​ LaTeX, Rmarkdown, Microsoft Office

Probabilistic programming: ​JAGS, STAN, OpenBUGS

R packages authored:queuecomputer (on CRAN), EasyMMD, protoABC


Professor Kerrie Mengersen
ARC Centre of Excellence in Mathematical and Statistical Frontiers (ACEMS), Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia

Professor Fabrizio Ruggeri
Italian National Research Council in Milano, Italy & ACEMS, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia

Dr Paul Wu
ARC Centre of Excellence in Mathematical and Statistical Frontiers (ACEMS), Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia