Anthony Ebert

Dr Anthony Ebert

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Postdoctoral researcher; National Center of Excellence for the Molecular Prediction of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (PREDICT); Dept of Clinical Medicine, Aalborg University Copenhagen
Postdoctoral researcher (part-time); Queensland University of Technology
Postdoctoral researcher; Università della Svizzera italiana, Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology, and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
Teaching assistant; Università della Svizzera italiana
Casual lecturer, Mathematics and Statistics for Medical Science; Queensland University of Technology
Sessional academic tutor, Quantitative Methods in Science; Queensland University of Technology
Mentor, Predictive Analytics: Gaining Insights from Big Data (Online course); Queensland University of Technology
Teaching assistant, Big Data: Statistical Inference and Machine Learning (Online course); Queensland University of Technology
Engineer; Atom Consulting
Course tutor, Products and Value Chains; University of Sydney
Year in Industry Internship Holder; ANSTO Minerals



PhD, Statistics; Queensland University of Technology

​Dynamic Queueing Networks: Simulation, Estimation and Prediction​


Honours, Statistics; University of Western Australia

Predicting Bearing Failure using Joint Models with Longitudinal and Time-to-event Data

Bachelor of Science, Statistics; Australian National University

MPhil, Chemical Engineering; University of Sydney

Synthesis, Preparation and Assembly of Carbon Nanotube-Based Electrode Materials

Bachelor of Engineering, Chemical Engineering; University of Sydney

Publications & Pre-prints

Ebert, A., Dutta, R., Mengersen, K., Mira, A., Ruggeri, F., & Wu, P. (2021). Likelihood-free parameter estimation for dynamic queueing networks: Case study of passenger flow in an international airport terminal. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series C (Applied Statistics).

Ebert, A., Wu, P., Mengersen, K., & Ruggeri, F. (2021). Curve registration of functional data for approximate Bayesian computation. Stats, 4(3), 762-775.

Ebert, A., Wu, P., Mengersen, K., & Ruggeri, F. (2020). Computationally Efficient Simulation of Queues: The R Package queuecomputer. Journal of Statistical Software, 95(1), 1-29.

Warne, D.J., Ebert, A., Drovandi, C., Hu, W., Mira, A., Mengersen, K. (2020). Hindsight is 2020 vision: a characterisation of the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic. BMC Public Health 20, 1868.

Ebert, A., Pudlo, P., Mengersen, K., & Wu, P. (2021). Combined parameter and state inference with automatically calibrated ABC. arXiv:1910.14227. Submitted to the Journal of Machine Learning Research.

Ebert, A., Wu, P. and Mengersen, K. (2019). Simulation for Management of Passenger Facilitation within Airport Terminals. In Wiley StatsRef: Statistics Reference Online.

Liu, J., ​Ebert, A.​, Variava, M. F., Dehghani, F., & Harris, A. T. (2010). Surface modification and Pt functionalisation of multi-walled carbon nanotubes in methanol expanded with supercritical CO​2​. Chemical Engineering Journal​, 165(3), 974-979.

Statistical skills

approximate Bayesian computation, statistical network models, Bayesian hierarchical modelling, statistical distance, kernel methods, functional data analysis, curve registration, agent-based models, discrete event simulation, longitudinal data, mixed effects models, spline methods

Technical skills

Programming: ​R (5 years exp), Python, C++, Matlab, SQLite + Relational algebra (Stanford Online)

Operating Systems:​ Linux, OSX, Windows, High performance computing (PBS Pro)

Document preparation:​ LaTeX, Rmarkdown, Microsoft Office

Probabilistic programming: ​JAGS, STAN, OpenBUGS

R packages authored:queuecomputer (on CRAN), EasyMMD, protoABC